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Setting the drag on big game reels

Modern strike drags are generally set at one-quarter on light tackle to one-third on heavy tackle of the line class used on balanced tackle. Experienced fishermen often work well above these fighting brakes when the fish and fight allow. The recommended schedule of a successful Caribbean angler is:

Tackle Class, Striking Drag, Fighting Drag

12lb (6Kg) , 3lb (1.3Kg), Less than 3lb (1.3Kg)

20lb (10Kg), 5lb (2.2Kg), 3-4lb (1.3-1.8Kg)

30lb (15Kg), 9lb (4.09Kg), 7lb (3.1Kg)

50lb (24Kg), 15lb (6.8Kg), 9-13lb (4.09-5.9Kg)

80lb (37Kg), 24lb (10.9Kg), 16-20lb (7.2-9.9Kg)

130lb (60Kg), 50lb (22.7Kg), 24-30lb (10.9-13.6Kg)

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