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Main Variations with Slow Pitch Jigging

With Slow-Pitch Jigging, there are so many variations of movements and sequences that we can intentionally make. They can be roughly categorized into 3 kinds.


Slow Pitch Jerk



1 Pitch, 1 Jerk, in basically 1 pitch per second tempo. 1 pitch can be 1 full crank, 1/2 crank, or 1/4 crank or others. Has a moment of stillness at the end of each pitch so that the jig can free swim or free fall in a horizontal position.


Works well in a fair sea condition, with any fish-active levels. As long as the condition allows it, you can surely find a pattern that fish bites within the range of this variation.



Hi Pitch Jerk



Basically it’s the same applications as Slow Pitch Jerk, but with more powerful rod which really whips out the jig. This is different from the conventional hi-speed jigging. The tempo is slow like Slow Pitch Jerk or even slower. Because the whipping is so powerful that the jig slides for more distance and for longer time. After each powerful pitch you see the line slack on the water suspending for a long time. Seafloor Control Messiah swims for the longest distance. Sometimes it swims for 2 seconds and even 3 seconds.


Works well in any sea conditions, with high fish-active level. Sometimes the movement switches on the un-active fish too. This is basically a long shot for a big one. It’s always worth to try it at sunrise and sunset, when a big fish is expected.



Long Fall Jerk



This is a very unique and effective method. Simple slow lift up as high as your rod can reach and a free fall. Pick it up at the bottom of the fall, reel 1 or 2 crank, lift, and free fall all the way.

Utilizes soft rod with a fall jigs. For example, 3oz rod for 220g or heavier. Because we want to stay low profile on the lift, not much flip and flop. Fall jig would not react well to lifting, but plays excellent performance in free falling. By simple slow long lift, you are making the change of pace that triggers the predators.


Works well in any sea conditions, with any fish-active levels. But it’s slow to search wide range and build up your game. So it’s preferred when the fish-active level is low and is usually applied in combination of slow pitch techniques.



Sato Sensei established these principles. He also emphasizes that these are not 3 different methods. They are just the variations of Slow-Pitch jigging, and utilizing these characteristics in a continuous strategy is very important in the field.


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