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Jerry Brown Spectra Reel Capacity

Reel Capacity with Jerry Brown Hollow Spectra

Accurate 660, 80lb-350 yds

Accurate 6, 80-lb400 yds

Accurate 12, 80lb-500 yds

Accurate 30, 80lb-700 yds, 130lb-500 yds

Accurate 50, 80lb-900 yds, 130lb-600 yds

Accurate 50W, 80lb-1100 yds, 130lb-900 yds, 200lb-600 yds

Penn 12LT, 80lb-450 yds

Penn 15KG, 80lb-700 yds

Penn 16S, 80lb-600 yds 

Penn 20, 80lb-600 yds

Penn 30, 80lb-700 yds, 130lb-500 yds

Penn 30W, 80lb-1000 yds, 130lb-700 yds

Penn 50, 80lb-1000 yds, 130lb-700 yds 

Penn 50SW, 80lb-1200 yds, 130lb-800 yds, 200lb-600 yds

Penn 50TW, 80lb-1400 yds, 130lb-900 yds, 200lb-700 yds

Penn 70, 130lb-1200 yds, 200lb-900 yds

Penn 80, 130lb-1700 yds, 200lb-1000 yds

Penn 80W, 130lb-2000 yds, 200lb-1200 yds

Shimano TLD20, 80lb-600 yds

Shimano TLD30, 80lb-700 yds, 130lb-500 yds

Shimano TLD50, 80lb-1000 yds, 130lb-800 yds, 200lb-600 yds

Tiagra 16, 80lb-550 yds

Tiagra 30, 80lb-700 yds, 130lb-500 yds

Tiagra 30W, 80lb-1000 yds, 130lb-700 yds

Tiagra 50, 80lb-1000 yds, 130lb-800 yds, 200lb-600 yds

Tiagra 50W, 80lb-1300 yds, 130lb-1000 yds, 200lb-700 yds

Trinidad 40, 80lb-500 yds

Canyon 8000H, 60lb-300yds


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