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PE size #2.5, Maximum strength 40lb, 18.5kg.

Multicolour with 5 colours, line colour changes every 20 meters.

Extremely low stretch, 3% at the breaking limit by the LSP (Low Stretch Processing) technology.

In very deep sea with low stretch line, the action and movement of the fishing rod can easily be transferred to the jig.

Sensitivity is increased due to low stretch so it becomes easier to target fish that are near to the bottom even in deep sea.

By the SSP (Smooth Surface Processing), the line is smoother close to round surface and has less water resistance. 

Due to the smoother surface, falling speed of jigs gets dramatically faster and the bottom is reached quickly.

ULT PE 4 strands maintain a stable strength and abrasion resitance.

Thicker strands are better for abrasion resistance ideal to target fish close to the bottom with slow pitch jigging.

It also has a good breaking strain which can bear strong pull of big fish.

Using EMCS (Easy Measuring Color System) technology, fishing at a targeted water coloum becomes easier.

A special dyeing method makes the line less visible in the sea.


Sunline SALTYMATE JIGGER ULT 4 Braid Line PE #2.5, 40lb, 1200m, Multicolour

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