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Hand made in Japan.

Abyss is a medium size jig with a little fat body and looks small for its weight.

Abyss is very versatile jig.

Abyss lies to the side and start falling if a slow pitch rod with a soft lifting action is used.

With a strong lifting action, it will swim to the side if loose line is left after lifting the rod.

During the free fall, it will fall in various actions like a wounded bait.

If you give a little tension to the fall, it will fall tail first and fast, like a bait fleeing for cover.

Abyss falls slowly and works well in deep sea.

Abyss is very good for slow current. 

Abyss is siutable for light to medium slow jigging rods.

SeaFloor Control ABYSS 60g SL, Slow Jigging Jigs

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