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Made in Japan.

HOTS STILETTO SLOW STYLE 3rd Generation is designed for slow pitch jigging and fishing with Inchiku from coast range to deep sea.

It is designed to be used with conventional or overhead fishing reels.

It has very light and strong blank with thin butt section.

It is fitted with Fuji guides with Titanium frame and Torzite ring for less fishing line wear.

The guides are mounted on the blank with Spiral wrap also known as Acid wrap.

The blank is made with the latest materials and four direction carbon cloth in the butt section for more strength without increasing weight.

The blank has a sharp slow action and it is light so it is also very sensitive.

The tip part has unsanded finish to keep the lightness and the strength.

STILETTO SLOW STYLE uses Fuji PTS reel seat including a revolutionary lock nut system to prevent loosening of main nut.

STILETTO SLOW STYLE has been developed with many field tests not only in Japan but also Korea and Taiwan.



Total Length:6.4feet (One Piece)

Rod Weight:148g

Jerk jig weight: 350g

Line: PE1-3

SSS64H is suitable for the Slow Pitch Jerk Jigging using heavy jigs in deep sea or medium deep sea, and a fast current area.

You can control the bite timing at will due to the sensitive tip section, and you can fight a big fish without being flustered due to the high lifting performance in the butt section.

Best Jigs with Stiletto SSS64H

- Seafloor Control Abyss 260g, 290g, 320g, 350g

- Seafloor Control Rector 270g, 300g, 330g, 360g

- Seafloor Control Gawky 300g, 340g, 380g, 420g

- Seafloor Control Cranky 290g, 320g, 350g, 400g

- Seafloor Control Spunky 210g, 240g, 270g, 300g, 330g, 360g

- Seafloor Control Arc 290g, 320g, 350g, 400g

- Seafloor Control Arrow 260g, 290g, 320g, 350g

- Seafloor Control Scout 280g, 350g, 400g

- Seafloor Control Messiah 220g, 260g, 300g, 350g

HOTS Stiletto Slow Style Jigging Rods Generation 3, SSS64H

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