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IGOSSO is the first injection molding lure by MG Craft with its traditional skill jig shape.

In addition to toughness, the sinking pencil has superb weight balance that enhances its falling balance.

The target fish for IGOSSO is mainly bonito, tuna, yellowtail, spring fish, emperor bream and brassy trevally.

The through wire makes this lure very reliable even when there is a big hit.

It is designed to work with front assist hooks and to fit with many sizes of hooks. Fast retrieve makes an action as if small fish is escaping by skipping on surface of water.

With free fall movement, it swims with head down as if small fish is running down.

Sardine series is effective with normal to fast retrieve including fall action to attract bonito and tuna chasing baits on the surface.

It can also catch pelagic fish and bottom fish by jerking and falling action after sinking the lure in your preferable water column.

Hots Igosso Sardine Series115mm, 38g

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