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Made in Japan.

GIPANG RYUJIN Generation 3, 83H is spinning rod designed mainly to cast stick baits at long distance for GT, Tuna and monster fish.

New GIPANG RYUJIN series has the indispensable elements of rods for casting GT game, which are good handling performance of big plugs, high lifting power, and endurance.

GIPANG RYUJIN series are designed for nervous and tough big GT which lives in Japanese coast, though GIPANG RYUJIN series are usable for any field in the world.

GIPANG RYUJIN decrese the fatigue on anglers and helps stand up to the violent fight of monster fish by lightness, the smooth bending and strong butt power.

The high elastic blank makes monster fish surface by restoring force.

The good maneuverability by the light blank allows anglers to do the sensitive and effective action like short twitching, dirt action below the water even under tough conditions.

In the butt section, new GIPANG RYUJIN Generation 3 have the latest material with four direction carbon cloth.

Four direction set carbon cloth gives very high strength and very high torsional strength than the older models without increasing rod weight.

The tip part has unsanded finish to keep the lightness and the strength.

New GIPANG RYUJIN series has a revolutionary reel seat with lock nut system to prevent the loosening of main nut.

GIPANG is a coined word by HOTS and it means GT+ZIPANG(Japan).

GIPANG RYUJIN series named for the respect and gratitude for the sea of Okinawa (Ryukyu) where many field tests were completed.



GIPANG RYUJIN 83H is a long-cast model for serching at extensive reef areas.

It is light and powerful rod without feeling its length.


Pieces: Offset handle

LineWT: PE5-8

Lure Max:200g


HOTS Gipang Ryujin Generation 3, Big Game Spinning Rods 83H

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