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Evolved Invhiku Jig!

Captures the targets from shallow to deep sea!

What we wanted was a fast moving jig but balanced (non spinning head) and with side movement and wobbling action with reeling.

We managed to develope the ideal boat shaped head with wings.

The Tako Bait head is slimmer to prevent drag and it makes broader and smoother wobbling action by cutting the water current. 

The Tako bait has long slits and is made of soft material, it is pursed up when jerking and outspreads when stopped, like flares of a skirt.


BigFin UV R.G.B. are  painted with UV glow on shining abalone sheet.

UV R.G.B. glow paint is effective for offshore fishing.

We usually see colors under visible rays, but it is thought that many fish are also able to see ultraviolet rays (invisible rays).

Visible rays get dark in water as they are absorbed in deep water, but ultraviolet rays reach deeper than visible rays so it is thought that fish in deep water can easily see UV glow jigs.

Hots BigFin Inchiku 180g 10 Abalone Black UV R.G.B.

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