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Made in Japan.

Designed by Higashimura for Slow Pitch Jigging.

Logical 60 Rods draw out the optimal performance and control of the jigs with a natural feel.

Logical 60 Rods have lighter Fuji Torzite guides to improve the feeling in deep sea and improve commanding the jig.

Feel and control are critical factors when selecting your rods.

We have also eliminated coatings on carbon blanks as much as possible.

After extensive consideration, we adopted a 100mm EVA rear grip for the butt end.

Logical 60 #2

Model: DLLG 60 #2

Length 1.83m (6 ft)

Rod weight 121g

Average siutable jig weights 60g - 180g

PE line 0.5-1.5

Siutable jigs:

Deepliner Labs VB 60-150g

Deepliner Labs CX 60-180g

Deepliner Labs FB 70-180g

Deepliner Labs FREQ 60-180g

Deepliner Labs VIB 55-180g

Deepliner Labs OVO 60-180g

Deepliner Labs ROCKET 80-180g

Deepliner Labs SPY 80-180g

Deepliner Labs SPY V 60-180g

Deepliner Labs SPY N 60-180g

Deepliner Labs SPY C 60-180g

Deepliner Labs SPINDLE 60-180g

Deepliner Labs SPINDLE N 60-180g

Deepliner Slow Pitch Jerk Rods Logical 60 #2

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