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Deepliner are slow pitch jig pioneers led by Captain Higashimura, a leading angler in Japan.

The jigs they make has set the standards for slow pitch jigs and they are still the mainstay for most slow pitch anglers in Japan.

Slow Skip FB is one of the best all around slow pitch jig.

It does not give you a distinctive character on the other hand, it has all the features desired in a jig.

You can’t find a better option to use as a pilot lure to check the conditions of the sea.

It falls fast and is good for fast current.

The slide action when you lift the jig is sharp yet stable in the fall.

It may quite reasonably be called a masterpiece.

Action: Quick Dart, Spiral Fall, Slalom Fall.

DeepLiner FB 250g 29 NS zebra glow

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