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SPY V is probably the most popular Deepliner jig. 

Many anglers consider SPY V as the best jig.

SPY V was developed in collaboration with Hiramasa of Genkainada.

SPY V was created to meet his dynamic fishing ambition to hook a fish with a long fall in excess of 10 meters.

SPY V is very easy to use and versatile, it can be used with short jerk action and also long fall.

SPY V is good when there is current and can be used also from a drifting boat.

SPY V is very effective to catch many species of fish both at the bottom and also big pelagic fish.

SPY and SPY V share some similarities but each of them has distinct characteristics.

Deepliner concept “anyone can catch with ease” will never change even with SPY V.

Action: Stop & Fall, Slalom Fall.

DeepLiner SPY V 250g S725 Higashi double blue zebra glow

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